A Proud History

Inspired by the Past – UK (Since 1880)

Belvedere Preparatory School was originally founded in 1880 as the Junior Department of the Belvedere School, widely recognized as one of the best independent schools in Liverpool, Uk. Originally housed at 17 Belvidere Road, we moved to our current premises at 23 Belvidere Road, Liverpool, UK in 1939. In 2006, with state funding, the Senior School became the Belvedere Academy. This development enabled the Junior Department to take the unique opportunity of becoming a fully-fledged, stand-alone Preparatory School. Since 2006, the school has continued to grow ad as maintained its reputation as an outstanding Independent School. An ambitious building project, creating two new classrooms alongside a purpose built science laboratory, was undertaken. With the additional provision of an attractive outdoor area, this has provided the facilities that our newly created school required. From September 2010 the school reverts to its historical name, which was managed locally and became Belvedere Preparatory School; a truly independent Preparatory School. BPS is accepting both boys and girls enabling all children to benefit from the exceptional education Offer.

Motivating the Future – UAE (Since 2012)

Belvedere British School in Abu Dhabi offers a broad, distinctive and predominantly academic education for pupils from 4to 16 years of age. It will build on its long-standing reputation for excellent results and high quality pastoral care for all students. The innovative and enriched curriculum will reflect our vision and ethos and meet the needs and aspirations of students. These, together with its specialisms in modern foreign languages and science, offer a unique education experience at the Belvedere School for young people from Abu Dhabi and beyond. It is our priority to give our pupils, both girls and boys, the most inspirational, all-round experience possible. We will work with others to create a healthy, safe environment within which children can enjoy learning, make progress and achieve high standards; participate fully and make a positive contribution to the School and wider community; and, ultimately become successful, motivated, well-adjusted adults who achieve economic well-being. We will measure our success against these outcomes. The Belvedere British School recognizes the need for a broad and balanced curriculum and is aware of the vital contribution made by pastoral and extracurricular activities to the development of the whole person. It is important that children are given every opportunity to be part of a team, to take responsibility, to develop a wide range of interests and to be of service to others.