About us

Belvedere British School Abu Dhabi is a place that strives to maintain the motto of Ad Vitum Paramus-Preparation for Life. We incorporate this motto into our curriculum through providing global, local and community topics to broaden the thinking of our Belvedere British School students.

This curriculum will allow them to relate to each other, their community and the world. We embed this thinking into how we learn and how we can be the best we can be. We are committed to building and developing a school that will “Prepare” its students to contribute and participate in society and students that have the confidence and the desire to learn.

Vision, Mission and Values

Belvedere British School to provide an excellent teaching and learning environment where students achieve more due to the high standards expected from our educational philosophy. Ultimately we aim to prepare students for life, based on our values of Tolerance, Respect, and Responsibility.

We provide a holistic education and inspire lifelong learning. Our students are motivated to apply themselves so they achieve their full potential in all aspects of school life. We encourage high and realistic expectations, so our students have aspirations that take them beyond school to their own futures, in the UAE and internationally.