Sixth Form

Sixth Form

1.The Vision for the Sixth Form

To raise the aspirations of our young adults by nurturing a passion for learning, enriching the student experience and securing outcomes which exceed their expectations.

What is A Levels

▷ AS Levels have been decoupled from A Levels to become freestanding qualifications. This means that AS results will no longer count towards the A Level.

▷ Students will be assessed in all subjects at A Level at the end of Year 13 on everything they have learned over two years in the Sixth Form.

Subjects Offered at A Levels

▷ English Literature
▷ Mathematics
▷ Biology
▷ Physics
▷ Chemistry
▷ Geography
▷ History
▷ French
▷ Business Studies
▷ I.C.T

How Many Subjects can I Study

The vast majority of students in Sixth Form will study 4AS Levels (Year 12) and continue with 3 of those subjects to A2 Level.
Ideally, students should be challenged by the amount of subjects they study, but not overwhelmed.

Entry Requirements

Entry to the Sixth Form is a privilege, and as such there are certain academic requirements which must be met. There must also be a commitment to a certain style of conduct. To enter the Sixth Form, you need to have achieved 5 IGCSE grades, at grade 4 or above including English and Maths.

To study a subject at A level, you should have achieved at least a grade 6 at IGCSE in the chosen subject. We can explore different options such as looking at other award if you are struggling to make the entry requirements. This can be discussed on an individual basis.

What Subjects Shall I Choose to Study

Students will receive a lot of guidance about what the best options are for them.It is a combination of what you are best at, what you enjoy and what you need to get into specific courses or careers.Getting it right is important. It will determine future options, hence working together as a school, parents and pupils is essential.